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Scott Lengacher

Name: Scott Lengacher

Date of birth: August 2, 1988

Nationality: American

Location: Lancaster, PA USA

Phone: (717) 723-9793

Email: scott@lenga.us

Scott Lengacher

Husband. Father. Entrepreneur.

Scott is passionate about coming alongside you, taking your business dreams and making them become reality. He thoroughly enjoys the start-up environment, experience, and most of all the journey. While he loves investing in any type of business, he’s especially keen on startups and international businesses.

Scott helps people bring order and purpose into you business life including clarifying your message, scaling your business, and achieving lasting success. He’s a fantastic guide to any entrepreneur looking to create great systems, vamp up performance and increase marketing. If you’re looking to up your game, increase brand awareness, and have a clear marketing campaign, you’ve found your guy. With a wide range of experience in SEO, Web Design, and StoryBrand Certified, Scott is equipped with all he needs to take your marketing to the next level! Scott loves using software to improve your quality of life especially in business. If there’s a quicker, smoother way to run something, Scott will find it and make it happen. If you haven’t realized it already, Scott is a visionary. He’s passionate about taking your dreams and ideas and making them become reality.

Scott loves people! He’s always quick to set aside time to talk to anyone who comes into the office while keeping his work moving. He sees the value of investing not only in a business but rather in the people behind the business, because that’s what business is really all about, the people behind it.

Scott has found that the lessons learned along the way shape not only his skills, but they also impact who he is. And that can be you too! It’S not just about where the journey takes you but who you become as you walk out the journey.

While Scott loves his work and all he gets to do, he finds most enjoyment while spending time with his wife and two daughters. Whether that’s a Saturday morning stroll to a local coffee shop, or hashing out new ideas, Scott is passionate about bringing his family along on all his many different ventures.

What will you find Scott doing in his spare time? You’d probably find him dreaming up a new business venture, playing basketball, talking with friends, hanging out with the family, or drinking coffee as time allows.

Another fun fact about Scott! He love traveling. He doesn’t keep track of the countries he’s been too as he defines his travel more by the relationships and experiences he has while in a country, but it would be safe to assume he’s been in 30+ countries in his lifetime. He enjoys having the ability to work with people from all over the world.

A quote that inspires Scott, “What is the one thing, that if it could be done, would completely revolutionize your industry?” Andy Stanley

Now take that one thing and do it! And slowly in incremental gains you’ll see improvement and growth. Scott loves seeing things improve and believes.It’s all about taking small steps in the right direction.

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