Hey! I’m Scott.

Name:  Scott Lengacher

Date of birth:  August 2, 1988

Nationality:  American

Location:  Lancaster, PA USA

Phone:   (717) 723-9793‬

Email:  info@lenga.us

About Scott Lengacher

I am an entrepreneur who loves helping people through the startup experience. I help people bring order into their business lives, clarify their messages, and scale their businesses to achieve lasting success. I also guide entrepreneurs in creating great systems that vamp up performance. While ready to serve a variety of businesses, I take a keen interest in startups and international business. 

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My life story
Born in 1988
Vinyl Technician at Horizon Windows.
Construction Technician
Lived in Thailand while traveling the world calling people to greatness.
Lived in Korea
Got Married
Became a Father
I own
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VIP Puppies™

VIP Puppies helps dog lovers find their perfect puppy match. We also take the haze out of puppy parenting by giving puppy parents crystal clear steps on how to start living happy right alongside their puppy.


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TheRootDesk provides high-quality standup desks for CEOs and high level executives who are looking to standout from the crowd. For business experts looking to make an impression on anyone who enters the office, TheRootDesk is what dreams are made of.

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Lenga LLC - Simple Marketing To Grow Your Business


Lenga helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses through simple yet powerful marketing. We give you crystal clear steps on how to clarify you message, attract more customers, and increase your revenue. Plus, you’ll discover how to implement great systems to ensure success far into the future.

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